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Across the Boards
System Specs
APPX Peer-to-Peer Communications
APPX Router
Dialog - Terminal Scripting
XAPI - Terminal Access and Control
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Across the Boards® - Introduction

Across the Boards is the software development tool that helps cooperative application developers provide powerful, sophisticated communication between PCs and mainframes. ATB lets communication flow between platforms regardless of operating systems, protocols or communication devices. It's the middleware solution that keeps your applications open, freeing you from communications issues and letting you focus on what's important: developing the application.

Across the Boards - bridging PCs and mainframes

APPX: Advanced peer to peer communications for PC to mainframe applications. Provides robust communications with a single API over all supported communications devices, including terminal, LU6.2, TN3270 and TCP/IP connections. Transparently supports link level encryption and compression. Dialog: Advanced terminal control and scripting. Automate and centralize mainframe interaction by externalizing common terminal activities, such as signon/signoff or transaction execution. Scripting can be standalone, or embedded in your application.
APPX Router: A high speed TCP/IP to LU6.2 gateway for APPX applications. Support Internet and Intranet access to mainframe APPX applications while adding security and offloading work from the mainframe. XAPI: A device independent API for low level control of terminals. Program all supported terminals with the same API. Supports most terminal emulators plus native embedded emulations, including TN3270, TN5250, VT220 and more. Provides the building blocks for interacting with the mainframe.