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Across the Boards
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   Across the Boards - System Specs

Across the Boards - System Specs


Systems and Support

Across the Boards supports a wide variety of PC and mainframe environments and communications links.

Communications support (PC)
All common third party 3270 emulators and many 5250 emulators. Embedded support for TN3270, TN5250, many ASCII terminals and 3270 coax cards. TCP/IP and LU6.2 support.

Communications support (Mainframe)
VTAM LU2 (3270) and LU6.2, TCP/IP for VSE, TCP/IP for MVS. Most communications controllers and protocol converters are supported.

Communications support (Other)
Supports all host systems which can talk to the supported terminal types. Includes most ASCII hosts, AS/400s, and mainframe systems. Note: XAPI and Dialog support only.

Mainframe operating systems
XAPI and DIALOG support all mainframe environments which function with 3270 terminals. APPX supports TSO, CICS (MVS, OS/390 and VSE), VM/CMS, APPC/MVS and native VTAM and TCP/IP.

PC operating systems
ATB/Win32: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

ATB/Win16: Windows 3.1, plus transparent access to most ATB/Win32 support

ATB/OS/2: OS/2 2.1 and later

ATB/DOS: MS-DOS 3.1 and later

Across the Boards can be used from most PC and mainframe programming languages.

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