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About Us

Company Information

Founded in 1983, cfSOFTWARE is a privately held company located in Des Plaines, Illinois. We specialize in connectivity software. Our flagship products, Across the Boards® and pcMAINFRAME™, provide the industryıs most extensive set of PC to Mainframe connectivity solutions. pcMAINFRAME Express and the APPX Router continue to expand the range of the communications solutions we offer our customers.

The Customer Comes First

cfSOFTWARE maintains the highest commitment to quality and service. Our customers enjoy association with a company that listens to them and responds to their needs. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer support and are committed to providing communications software and development tools that are useful, flexible and will serve our customers now and into the future.

International Acceptance

pcMAINFRAME and Across-the-Boards are installed at tens of thousands of locations throughout the world. Our products provide mainframe data access and communications for intranet, extranet and Internet users to move data quickly, easily and securely over almost any type of link.

Whether as a stand-alone solution, or embedded in a custom client/server application, our products are used to collect and distribute vital corporate information to employees, customers, vendors and clients, wherever they're located.