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   pcMAINFRAME - Features

pcMAINFRAME - Features (page 1)

  • Automatic data formatting
  • PC or host initiation
  • Automated transfers
  • Multiple file access
  • Excellent security
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • pcMAINFRAME Library
  • Transfer control and auditing
  • DIALOG scripting tool
  • Data selection
  • Experienced technical support
  • Multiple environment support
  • Plus much more

Selection & formatting
pcMAINFRAME responds to any kind of query, reaching data at file, record, field, or field content levels. It automatically formats data for your spreadsheet, database, or word processing file and performs any required summary operations upon it. The result: no batch jobs. No programming. No waiting. Users get exactly the data they need, exactly how and wherever they want it. pcMAINFRAME does all the work.

Excellent security
Our developers created a system that empowers end users while maintaining central control over each transfer. Corporate information is disseminated, but more importantly, protected. pcMAINFRAME supervises the activity for you.

pcMAINFRAME's unique combination of security features -- PC IDs, passwords, security classes and profiles -- allow individual users to choose from an easily navigated subset of data files and transfer options. Our security makes transfers safe and simple. It can also be layered on top of your existing security methods for extra protection of sensitive information.

Make data transfers pcMAINFRAME's routine, not yours
When you're too busy to transfer data, use automated transfer mode to set up an automatic transfer that you can monitor. But when it's off-hours, run pcMAINFRAME in unattended mode. In unattended mode, pcMAINFRAME will perform complete transfers at any designated time, day or night. pcMAINFRAME does it all.

Data distribution and collection
pcMAINFRAME users can define any data--even software--to the pcMAINFRAME Library where it is stored and made available to other users. Our convenient Library Utility even allows mainframe administrators to move data between batch and the library where it is readily available to anyone on the system.

Also, pcMAINFRAME automatically logs activity to keep system administrators aware of who has and hasn't received the information.

Data integrity ensured
When pcMAINFRAME transfers data, it will appear in your applications accurately. pcMAINFRAME ensures the integrity of each block of data transferred by asynchronous dialup and protocol conversion through parity checking, block sequence checking and CRC checking. Any block that does not pass these tests is automatically re-transmitted until it is received correctly.

pcMAINFRAME can also recover from such "soft" errors as disk file overflow and temporary communication problems. Restart facilities allow users to resume long transmissions at the point of communication errors instead of forcing them to re-transmit an entire file.

DIALOG for automation
DIALOG is a standard pcMAINFRAME feature that automates complete terminal operations and PC processes from start to finish. With the touch of a key or icon, a user can sign on to the mainframe, execute a complex application, or transfer and process a day's worth of activity.

DIALOG is a standard pcMAINFRAME feature, but it can be used independently at any time. So even when pcMAINFRAME is not actively productive, DIALOG makes sure you are.