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   pcMAINFRAME - Intelligent mainframe to PC data access and distribution

pcMAINFRAME™ - Introduction

PC users need access to mainframe data, and you need to distribute mainframe data to your PCs and LANs. pcMAINFRAME makes all kinds of data transfer easy.

Within a defined security context, PC users have direct access to mainframe data. pcMAINFRAME can select, extract and format data for use in many popular PC programs. Access to JES and POWER queues allows for bi-directional processing of reports. New information can be uploaded directly to master files or collected for future processing.

On the host side, pcMAINFRAME enables IS to initiate and run transfers as needed during batch processing. Data can be uploaded and processed when jobs are scheduled; files can be downloaded to PCs and LANs after required maintenance is applied.

Advanced Communications Support:
Support for all types of PC to host connections, including TN3270, direct TCP/IP and most terminal emulator products.
APPX Router Support:
pcMAINFRAME can take full advantage of the APPX Router application to provide users with secure, high performance and easy to use connections for file transfers.
Extensive Transfer Options:
  • Data selection and reformatting
  • Automated transfers
  • Access to multiple source data files
  • Excellent security
  • Advanced Compression
  • Host and PC transfer initiation
  • Power and JES queue access
  • Dialog Scripting Tool:
    Dialog is a powerful process control and terminal script handler that is included with pcMAINFRAME. It has extensive logic and data handling capabilities that can be used to automate transfers, determine processing success or failure and deal with unanticipated errors or events.