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pcMAINFRAME - Release Notes

What's new in pcMAINFRAME 5.30 pcMAINFRAME Version 5.30

New Features - Mainframe

Support for TCP/IP for VSE

Direct TCP support is now available for CICS transfers. This option eliminates the requirement for PC terminal emulation during file transfer.

Enhanced date expansion capability

Now, date fields that do not carry century can be expanded to include century during downloads to both fixed and basic files, in addition to the existing capability for downloads to spreadsheet and database files.

Communications Optimizations

These include a new faster and stronger checksum algorithm negotiated automatically for Structured Field, LU6.2 and direct TCP/IP devices, as well as various performance optimizations in the mainframe code for these devices.

Host Initiation Enhancements

New PCSCRIPT processing

This new feature provides for mainframe control of PC processing while running host initiated transfers. The PC can be directed to perform directory and file manipulation functions, execute programs, test and set condition codes, etc. between file transfers. All Dialog facilities, except terminal control, can be utilized during PCSCRIPT processing.

Improved Result Code processing

Enhanced return code handling provides for the following:

  • Conditional execution of transfers and PC processes based on previous results
  • The ability to set a return code during PC processing to control next transfer steps
  • The ability to set a step return code to control subsequent processing steps

New Audit Trail Option

An audit trail file can be obtained in one of three formats. Fixed data, that can be used to update a data base for online query, Comma Delimited, that can be added to a PC data base for PC user queries, or as a viewable Log file.

New Transfer Report

A transfer report detailing dataset information, statistics and the results of each transfer and PC process is produced

New Features - PC

Poll Interval Definition

The user can now override the default interval given to Windows for other processes. This interval can be used to enhance transfer speed (a lower interval) or to increase the allocation of processing time to other Windows tasks running during file transfer.

Additional Device Support

Support for Windows 5250

TN5250 Win32Sockets
IBM Personal Communications 5250 (Win32)
Client Access/400 5250 (Win32)

New LU6.2 Support

Microsoft SNA Server APPC (Win32)
IBM Personal Communications APPC (Win32)


  • Fixed a problem with EXTRA 6.4 driver close during host initiation if a session is cancelled or encounters a communications error.
  • ENDSCRIPT / EPILOG errors that were not being properly reported or logged are now being handled correctly.
  • Fixed performance problems with host initiated transfers caused by an excessive delay between record send/receive.
  • Various Dialog problems are fixed.
  • Return Code Checking is corrected.
  • Concurrent Dialog processing caused occasional lock-outs.
  • CHDIR command running as a separate thread caused synchronization problem.
  • All know communications (APPX and XAPI) fixes and enhancements are included.

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