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pcMAINFRAME - Release Notes

What's new in pcMAINFRAME 5.40

pcMAINFRAME Version 5.40

New Features - Mainframe

Support for Direct TCP/IP with Host Initiated Transfers

Direct TCP support is now available for all transfers, batch host initiated as well as CICS transfers. This option eliminates the requirement for PC terminal emulation during file transfer.

Support for History Logging

The history logging feature allows the user to indicate that mainframe log records are to be written as history and retained for a specified number of days. You may use this information to create detailed utilization reports. Historical transfer data can be viewed online.

New File Name Options for POWER Generic Downloads

The user has more control over the PC file name developed when downloading POWER jobs. The following new 'User Parameters' have been defined:
User Parameter Value Effect on PC File Name
EXTFORCE Any Will give the specified extension to all downloaded files
PCNAME USERID Will use DESTUSER from the job being downloaded as the primary PC file name
PCNAME JOBSEQ Will append a sequence number to PC file name when duplicate jobs exist in the POWER queue.

New Features - PC

TCP/IP Listener Services

The APPX TPN service manager and associated support modules are available to support incoming TCP/IP connections for host initiated transfers. The support applications include a configuration manager and a TPNS event viewer.

Additional Device Support

Support for Windows 32-bit Emulators

  • Zephyr PassPort 3270/Win32
  • ICOM WinSurf+ for Win32
  • Newhart Systems Blues/Win32 Support for Direct TCP/IP
  • TCP Direct - Win32 Sockets
  • APPX Listener


  • Corrected a problem with generic uploads. Files with certain attributes were not being found during generic 'find next'.
  • Dialog "timeout" specifications can now be as high as 32767 seconds. (formerly, the timeout value was limited to 255).
  • In pcmSETUP, corrected the display of "Transfers 2 through n" of an AUTOMATED setup file when using 'Prompt/Response Variables'.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause an encrypted setup file to be corrupted.

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