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pcMAINFRAME - Release Notes

What's new in pcMAINFRAME 5.50

pcMAINFRAME Version 5.50

New Features - Mainframe

Encryption support for direct TCP/IP PC initiated transfers

pcMAINFRAME release 5.50 provides support for fully encrypted data transfer for connections using TCP/IP. This enhancement requires an upgrade to release 5.50 on both the PC and the mainframe and the installation of one or more APPX Router applications. The Router runs locally on a Windows NT server, and provides the host side encryption service.

Enhancements - Mainframe and PC

Expanded support for Direct TCP/IP with host initiated transfers

Alternate device support for TCP/IP host initiated transfers has been added. This allows for the definition of a second connection to the mainframe for the CICS portion of a controlled transfer.

Enhanced support for transfer history logging

Enhanced maintenance options have been provided when the transfer history log feature is in effect. History records can be maintained from the PCMM menu. A new history log detail report has been added to the CFX750 utility print program.


  • All known bugs have been addressed and corrected.
  • During download of comma delimited (basic) numeric data, force zeros into non-significant decimal positions when requested. For example, a 2-position decimal with the value 50 would be downloaded as '50.00' instead of '50'.
  • Correct a problem when downloading BASIC/DIF header fields. Field names of exactly 11 characters had a space inserted at the end of the field name.
  • Setup files using the 'encrypted setup' option could be corrupted during file write across certain data boundaries. This problem has been corrected.
  • Multiple File Support, record select option. Records were not being properly excluded when 'Anded' exclusions were defined. This problem has been corrected.

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