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pcMAINFRAME Customer Profile: Landauer, Inc.

Landauer, Inc. uses pcMAINFRAME in the radiation & radon detection field
Landauer, Inc. is one of cfSOFTWARE's more unusual pcMAINFRAME customers. They are unusual, not in their software needs, but in what they do as a company. You will find people wearing the Landauer, Inc. badge everywhere from your local dentist's office to Harvard University. However, to the many thousands of participants in the Landauer, Inc. program, the badge is not a symbol of membership, it is a symbol of safety.

Robert S. Landauer, Jr. founded the company in 1954 and ran the entire operation himself. As of 1989, Landauer, Inc. employed 250 people and reported annual sales in the $26 million range. The company specializes in radiation dosimetry and industrial and home radon detection. Radiation dosimetry is the practice of measuring doses of X-rays or radioactivity. The Landauer, Inc. badge worn by so many workers reacts in the presence of radiation and determines the amount and type of radiation that the badge-wearer may have been exposed to. Their service includes a continuing observation of routine non-dangerous radiation exposure along with detection and warning in case of accidental high-level exposure. Landauer, Inc. also provides accurate reports containing exposure evaluations for every badge-wearer and they can even determine a measure of lifetime allowable exposure if the worker's previous records are provided.

Those who rely on Landauer, Inc. for their health safety can feel secure in the knowledge that the company is a recognized leader in the radiation and radon detection field. In 1989, when WGN Television aired a program on radon detectors, Landauer, Inc. assisted in the production of the show with the American Lung Association. In that same year, Forbes Magazine reviewed 4,000 public companies and rated Landauer, Inc. as the Number 4 best run small company in the United States.

Mr. Emil A. Plecko is the Director of Information Systems at Landauer, Inc.. Awhile back, Mr. Plecko decided that he needed to improve the customer communications systems being used for the company's radiation and radon detection services. Mr. Plecko felt that the communications software they were using at the time just didn't meet their needs. He wanted to find a vendor which would keep up with the current software market and which would have someone available for technical support when he needed it. Mr. Plecko was impressed with cfSOFTWARE's substantial customer base and with our responsiveness to his questions. He was also pleased with pcMAINFRAME's DIALOG scripting facility and its compatibility with their Hydra protocol converter system and with their general environment.

Since its installation, pcMAINFRAME has allowed customers to access Landauer, Inc.'s mainframe using terminal emulation. This makes it possible for customers to access up-to-the-minute data directly instead of relying only on printed information or phone calls. Landauer, Inc. uses pcMAINFRAME as a center for terminal emulation and file transfer and they have developed their own applications to run with it. Mr. Plecko says that the software was easy to customize because cfSOFTWARE worked with them to meet their individual needs.

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