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APPX Router

APPX Router - Features


pcMAINFRAME, as an Across the Boards application, takes full advantage of the APPX Router to provide users with a secure, high performance and easy to use connection for file transfers.
  The APPX Router offers the features needed to meet your expanding micro to mainframe transfer and client-server needs:  





Cost Savings

Using the Router, the mainframe sees only native SNA LU6.2 traffic, does not require TCP/IP to be installed and does not incur any TCP/IP overhead. Unlike a direct TCP/IP connection, the Router establishes a normal mainframe security context via the security facilities built into LU6.2. PC applications need only a TCP/IP connection to the APPX Router and do not need expensive and difficult to manage terminal emulators or LU6.2 stacks.

The APPX Router lives between the mainframe's SNA network and the TCP/IP network, accepting session requests from the PC clients on the TCP/IP network, and if authorized, establishing LU6.2 sessions to the mainframe on behalf of the clients.

Enhanced Security

Based on the source of the session request, the Router will add a user ID and optional password to the LU6.2 session "Allocate", which is then used by the mainframe's operating system (via RACF or CA-ACF2) to establish a security context in which the transaction will run. At the system administrator's discretion, authorization and security context data can be moved to the client for selected users.

The Router handles all TCP/IP communications for the mainframe APPX applications, and can provide access to intranet, extranet and Internet users, applying different security criteria for each. The APPX Router can encrypt and authenticate incoming sessions, allowing secure access over the Internet. The APPX Router is designed to work in conjunction with your existing firewall in order to provide service to extranet and Internet users.

Simple, High Speed Access

Using Microsoft's Host Integration Server (formerly SNA Server) or IBM's Personal Communications running on Windows NT, the Router provides high speed access to large numbers of clients. The Router is highly scaleable and can take advantage of the high speed mainframe connections supported by Host Integration Server, yet is easy to implement even in the smallest mainframe environment. The Router is simple to configure, provides extensive diagnostic and testing facilities, and supports remote management.


The APPX Router supports existing PC and mainframe APPX applications with few, if any, changes. New applications can be designed from the outset to take full advantage of the Router while still running over the many other communications links that Across the Boards supports. The APPX Router is a simple and cost effective way to provide high performance, reliability and security for users and developers of APPX applications.