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pcMAINFRAME Express - Fast and flexible host initiated file transfer

pcMAINFRAME Express™ - Introduction

Introducing pcMAINFRAME Express, a powerful new host initiated file transfer solution that is easy to use, yet has the ability to control all aspects of the transfer process. Built using the communications technology used in cfSOFTWARE's premier pcMAINFRAME and Across the Boards products, pcMAINFRAME Express provides fast and reliable transfers over a wide variety of connections including LU6.2, TCP/IP and LU2.

pcMAINFRAME Express offers the features needed to meet your PC to mainframe file transfer needs:

  • Fast Start Up
  • Unattended PC Operation
  • Flexible Transfer Control
  • Conditional Execution
  • Logging and Audit Trail
  • Speed and Reliability
  • Dialog Facility